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Welcome on the NautiBike pedal-boat website

NautiBike is a new generation of water-bike and paddle-boat.
NautiBike is fast, safe, elegant and environment friendly.

pedal boat nautibike
NautiBike was present at the famous event Paris Beach (Paris Plage)

pedal boat nautibike

Contact us to order your NautiBike(s): contact@nautibike.com

NautiBike is present at Paris Beach ("Paris Plages", in French) a famous summer event that transforms several spots in Paris into full-fledged beaches. Paris plage

Perspective Design - Conception & vente de bateaux à voile et à moteur.
Paddle boat, Pedal boat, Patí de pedals, Vandcykel, Tretboot, Pedalo, Hidropedal, Polkuvene, Pedalò, Педалинка, Waterfiets, Rower wodny, Pedalinho, Водный велосипед, Trampbåt, pedalbåt.

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